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Can I have website statistics?

Applies to: Grid System

We include detailed traffic analysis using Webalizer with your hosting account. However, it does not start its calculations until you turn it on. Those looking for more detailed reports will want the alternative advanced statistic packages called AWStats and Wusage. You must request these for-pay addons.

All of these programs show trends in traffic to your site, including where visitors are coming from, search terms they used to find your site, number of hits, visits, pages served and more.

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Comment of Anonymous:
here's a quick PHP hit counter.

1. Write this PHP code to stand in for an image. Name this PHP file /htdocs/www/img.php

2. enable the GD extension in your /etc/php.ini

3. Now in your html, just show that image yuo made on any web page:

and it will bring up an image of a number. The number will increase every time the image is viewed.
Added at: 2004-03-07 20:11