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Can I have an extra FTP user Or What are alternatives to an extra FTP user?

Applies to: Grid System

Because of our unique security architecture, having additional ftp users 'share' your webspace is not an option.

There are a number of effective alternatives in place that can afford you the same flexibility*:

You can allow users to download all types of files via HTTP protocol just by putting the files in a specific directory and turning on Directory Indexing (via a .htaccess file) if it isn't already:

Options +Indexes

You may also specify a list of usernames and passwords that has access by using the password protection option in Modwest Onsite.

Using PHP and HTML form file uploads, you may allow authenticated users (via PHP or the folder password protection mentioned above) to put files into your account securely. For more information on this topic, please see the appropriate FAQ article. (Note also the FAQ article on controlling file size limits)

Versioning systems:
CVS is a great alternative for programming projects requiring many different users to contribute. Modwest supports the creation of CVS repositories and users. Please see the following applicable FAQ article on how to begin that process.

* Please Note:
Especially in the case of providing anonymous visitors the ability to upload files into your account, a php form is the best solution.

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