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Do you support SFTP?

Applies to: Grid System, Managed Servers, VPS

We currently support SFTP. However, SCP provides the same functionality (secure file transfer). WinSCP is an excellent free program for using SCP.

Last update: 2010-10-03 17:01
Author: FAQ Admin
Revision: 1.3

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Comment of Anonymous:
If you'd rather mount the remote filesystem on the server from your Linux desktop you can do it securely over SSH with this kernel module running in your own local Linux machine: http://shfs.sourceforge.net

Added at: 2005-03-22 23:39

Comment of Anonymous:
Because FTP passes your username & password in plain text, it is highly recommended that you configure your FTP client application to connect to Modwest's FTP server via the 'SFTP' method, instead of plain 'FTP'.

Added at: 2009-08-13 16:40