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The only file I see when I login to FTP is welcome.msg.

Applies to: Grid System

If you see only a file named "welcome.msg" when you login using FTP, then that means you have either not arrived at our FTP server, or you have logged in as user "anonymous" instead of your hosting account username.

Logout of FTP and make sure you have configured your FTP program with the proper settings as described here. Confirm that you have set your FTP program to contact the correct hostname and have provided your correct username. Then log back in and you should be in your home directory on our system and see other directories such as "/htdocs".

Last update: 2010-10-03 16:57
Author: FAQ Admin
Revision: 1.3

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Comment of Anonymous:
If you're using CuteFTP make sure you set the login radio button setting to "normal" and not "anonymous".
Added at: 2004-01-06 13:20