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Every time I upload a file with FTP, it has 0 bytes on the server.

Applies to: Grid System, Managed Servers, VPS

If every time you upload a file to the server, it becomes empty or zero bytes after it is uploaded, it is most likely because of a personal firewall setting that you have on your computer.

To fix the problem, either configure your personal firewall to allow your own FTP connection, or disable your firewall while you are FTP'ing.

If you are having trouble configuring or disabling your personal firewall, please contact the manufacturer of the firewall software to assist you.

Last update: 2010-10-03 13:19
Author: FAQ Admin
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Comment of Anonymous:
MacOS X with Norton Personal Firewall or Norton Internet Security causes this problem. To disable Norton Personal Firewall from starting up when you turn on your computer, locate your home directory on your Mac, then the Library folder in there, then the StartUpItems folder in there, and then delete the NortonPrivacyControl folder in there. Also remember to turn off the firewall software if it is already running. If you don;t know how, just reboot your computer after disabling it from Startup.
Added at: 2004-09-28 18:18