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Can I use a listserver or mailing list?

Applies to: Grid System

Modwest offers two mailing list solutions, Mailman and Listserv®. Either may be used as an announcement/newsletter list or a discussion list, subject to our bulk email policies.

For under 1,000 list members, we provide the Mailman mailing list.

If you like to order a Mailman list, please let us know that you want a list, and also tell us what you want the list's email address to be (in the form of

For more information about Mailman's features, please visit

If you have 1,000 or more list members, we provide the high-performance L-SOFT Listserv® solution.

For both mailing list solutions, all bandwidth used by your list traffic is tracked and included in your monthly bandwidth usage total. For current pricing, please visit the Add-on pricing page.

Resellers: Mailing list services are not available to resellers or their customers at this time.

Last update: 2010-09-29 16:59
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Comment of Anonymous:
I want control the archives of my mailing list. I don't want to post every to the archives, and I don't like the way that the default archive looks.

You can archive your list under your own web pages using a tool called Mhonarc ( If you look at the default PiperMail archive, you'll notice that it offers an option to download the entire archive. If you download the archive, you'll find that it's in standard RFC 822 mailbox format with each message delineated by 'From ' (that's with a trailing space). MhonArc is a Perl program which is either available on the server through a shell or you can get a Windows version ( You'll be able to build a mhonarc.rc file that contains the HTML format you want your archive to follow and then you'll be able to store it under your htdocs directory.
Added at: 2002-06-04 01:23

Comment of Anonymous:
Dedicated list services have some nice features but cost more:
Added at: 2005-01-24 16:45

Comment of Anonymous:
You can find various templates that Mailman uses at:

You can change these, give them to Modwest, and they will be able to install them as part of your list.
Added at: 2005-04-06 12:12