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I am having trouble logging into Modwest OnSite.

Applies to: Grid System, Managed Servers, VPS

Here are some common reasons you may be having trouble signing in to your Modwest™ OnSite hosting control panel:

  • You forgot your username or password.

    Use our Password Request page to have your username and a new password sent to you.

  • Your bill is overdue - If your balance is overdue and your account is locked, you will need to pay your bill here to get it unlocked.

  • Cookies are disabled - If the login page tells you that you must enable "Cookies" in your browser, please re-enable acceptance of cookies in your browser and then login again. If you don't know how to do this, please check here or contact support.

  • No such account - To log into the Modwest™ OnSite Control Panel, you need to have already signed up for at least one hosting account.

  • Incorrect username or password - Make sure you are using the same username (such as "bobg") and password that you use to FTP files and to retrieve your mail. Do not use your email address (which takes the form bobg@mydomain.com).

  • Caps Lock - Make sure your "caps lock" key is not on. Usernames and passwords are case sensitive; "password" is not the same as "PaSSwoRd".

If you continue to have trouble signing in, please contact us.

Last update: 2010-09-29 16:35
Author: FAQ Admin
Revision: 1.6

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