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What is the difference between using Modwest's secure certificate and getting my own?

Applies to: Grid System

1. Using Modwest's Certificate

This option can be added to any hosting account (except Managed Servers) for an extra $10/month and allows you to use Modwest's SSL certificate to access pages on your site securely through the following URL:


Using SSL this way protects data transmitted to and from your website with SSL encryption. It will make the little gold padlock on your browser light up and lock, signifying that the connection to your website is secure.

Drawbacks of this option are that it does not do some of the things that SSL is supposed to do, such as authenticate the name and location of YOUR business to the site visitor, and verify to the visitor that the entity listed on the secure certificate is the owner of YOUR website. Also, this option involves some website design issues regarding how you link to other objects on a page, and to other pages on your site.

For some business owners, the type of secure connection to their website that this option provides is all they require.

Total cost: monthly hosting fee + $10/month
(not offered for Managed Servers)

2. Using Your Own Certificate

We are also able to secure your site with a digital certificate that belongs to you, instead of one that belongs to us, for an extra $10/month (monthly charge does not apply to Managed Servers).

There is a $50 setup fee for generating public and private key pairs, producing the certificate server request, allocating your site its own IP address, and installing and configuring your certificate on our server. There is also the cost of $75 for purchasing a secure certificate from the Certifying Authority and certificate issuer. Certificates are valid for 1 year before they must be renewed.

This type of certificate also makes the browser padlock light up and encrypt all communication between the browser and your site so it cannot be eavesdropped, and also verifies to the browser YOUR identity so that the user knows that the website belongs to the entity that has been certified and that your website corresponds to the domain name that appears in their browser window.

Total Cost: monthly hosting fee + $10/month + $50 setup fee + $75 certificate purchase
($10 monthly charge not applicable to Managed Servers)

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Comment of Anonymous:
If you want the Modwest shared SSL certificate URL to take you to the same place as going to a subdomain of your site, do this at a shell prompt:

cd /htdocs/www
ln -s ../subdomain subdomain

Now https://secure.modwest.com/yourdomain/subdomain/ will take you to the same place as http://subdomain.yourdomain.com
Added at: 2003-04-25 10:02