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How do I backup my Miva store before upgrading?

Applies to: Grid System

To make a backup, get a shell prompt and type this:

cd /
cp -a mivadata mivadata-bak
cd htdocs/www
cp -a Merchant2 Merchant2-bak

That will make backup copies of all files re lated to Miva. If the upgrade fails or results in a broken store, you can resotre the files:

cd /
mv mivadata mivadata-broken
mv mivadata-bak mivadata
cd /hdtocs/www
mv Merchant2 Merchant2-broken
mv Merchant2-bak Merchant2

Then login to your Miva admin page again and everything should be as it was.

Use "Merchant2" above only if your storefront is at "http://www.yourdomain/Merchant2/". If the last directory is something other than "Merchant2" then replace "Merchant2" with that other directory name. For example, if your store is at "http://www.yourdomain/store/", then replace "Merchant2" in the commands above with "store".

Last update: 2010-10-03 16:50
Author: FAQ Admin
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