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Do you offer CGI? What scripts can I install?

Applies to: Grid System

You can install whatever scripts you like (short of trying to hack us). If you ran into something that you needed but that you don't have access to install, you can always discuss it with us to see if we'd add it or help solve the problem another way.

Your cgi scripts should can be put in your cgi-bin directory located in /htdocs/www/cgi-bin. Since we have ExecCGI turned on, you are not required to put your cgi scripts there and can run them from anywhere under your DocumentRoot (usually /htdocs/www).

To a CGI script, and to you at a shell or ftp promt, the path to your home directory is: /

We use an Apache module version of the sbox wrapper on all cgi scripts. Sbox does 3 things:

1. It makes sure that when a script executes, it has the the user/group permissions of the owner of that script.

2. Before sbox runs a script, it will perform a chroot to your home directory (so "/www/vhosts/m/" becomes just "/" - the same as it is when you telnet or ssh into your account on the server). Sbox also adjusts any environment variables to match the new directory structure, such as REQUEST_URI and SCRIPT_NAME.
3. Sbox also imposes limits on the amount of memory, cpu, and disk space your script can use. These limits are documented in this FAQ.

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