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Why do I get: Sbox Error exec of [some script] failed (Exec format error)?

Applies to: Grid System

The reason for this error is most likely because you are running a CGI or PHP script with both 1) a file extension that is unrecognized by the kernel, and 2) without naming the interpreter at the top of the script (i.e. #!/path/to/interpreter).

This can happen if you misname a PHP script with an extension typed in all capital letters like ".PHP". Since unix servers are case-sensitive, ".PHP" is not recognized as a valid PHP extension while ".php" is. To remedy the error, rename the file with a valid PHP extension like .php or .phtml. Alternatively, put #!/usr/local/bin/php by itself on the first line of the file. For more information on using abnormal file extensions, see this other FAQ

If the above error happens with a Perl script, make sure that the script filename ends in ".pl" or ".cgi" and has the path to Perl stated in the hash-bang (#!) interpreter statement on the 1st line.

A Python script should end in ".py" or ".cgi". A Ruby script should end in ".ry" or ".cgi".

All CGI scripts will require a hash-bang followed by the full path to the script interpreter on the first line of the script. All cgi script will also need to have executable file permissions such as chmod 755.

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