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Why do I get: Sbox Error exec of [some script] failed (Resource temporarily unavailable)

Applies to: Grid System

The reason for this error is because the number of simultaneous running processes owned by you is greater than 32, which is the maximum allowed.

Normally you would only see this error if your website is currently under a Denial of Service (DOS) attack or if you have a forking script that has gone out of control. The reason for this limit is to prevent these types of situations from consuming all resources on a server and degrading service for other clients.

This limit applies only to processes running simultaneously. For example, if you got 33 connections to your website at the exact same instant, then 1 of them would get this resource unavailable error. If you also had 1 shell open and 1 ftp connection (2 more running processes owned by you) at the same instant all those web requests came in, then 2 more of the web requests would receive this error. However, since web requests only take an instant for the server to process, it is very unlikely to have that many processes spawned from web connections all running at the same moment unless your site is either under attack or your site is

If you are or your website is so heavily trafficked that you need this limit raised, please contact us.

Last update: 2010-10-03 13:09
Author: FAQ Admin
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