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Sendmail does not work or does not accept my optional arguments.

Applies to: Grid System

First make sure you have the correct path to sendmail which is /usr/sbin/sendmail

If you have the correct path, then you may need to know that sendmail is actually a symbolic link to another program called /usr/local/bin/mini_sendmail

Mini_sendmail accepts stdin and passes it on to an smtp server, behaving almost exactly like the real sendmail. The reason for using mini_sendmail is because you are inside a chrooted environment and you do not have access to the real sendmail. This type of circumstance was discussed publicly here.

Information about mini_sendmail can be obtained here or here.

Many times, what you are trying to do does not work because you are feeding options or flags to mini_sendmail that it does not understand like: -bm -f -oem -oi

Those options are unnecessary on the Modwest shared system and will generate errors in your /logs/error_log file similar to:

usage:  /usr/sbin/sendmail [-f] [-t] [-s] [-T] [-v] [address ...]

Last update: 2011-08-03 10:26
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Comment of Anonymous:
Having extra arguments to sendmail as described above, or sending to an address that doesn't exist, might result in errors in your logs (/logs/error_log) like this:

/usr/sbin/sendmail: unexpected response 550 to RCPT TO command
Added at: 2006-10-11 14:33

Comment of Anonymous:
A sign you are calling sendmail with invalid arguments is something like this in your /logs/error_log :

usage: /usr/sbin/sendmail [-f] [-t] [-s] [-T] [-v] [address ...]

Added at: 2009-02-01 15:24