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Why does Sbox say "no such file or directory" but the files are there?

Applies to: Grid System

Sbox may sometimes give you an error that your script filename does not exist. If you know that it does exist then the problem is actually that the code inside your script references another file that does not exist - probably because you gave the the wrong filename or wrong path to the file.

One thing to check if all of your PHP scripts are showing this error is your account's /sitebin/php symlink. If it does not exist or is not pointing to a valid php executable in /usr/local/bin, then this error will occur. See this FAQ for more information.

If you are trying to invoke another program in the code, make sure you are specifying the correct path to that program. The "which" command can show you the correct path to other commands and programs:

which perl

will return


If you cannot get a shell prompt, you can also browse your directories with ftp to get the correct path to the commands that you want your script to execute.

If you are trying to reference your own files in your script, make sure that you have the correct path to your files.

If all these things are correct and you still get this error, did you destroy some files in your home directory? Do you have a /bin, /dev, /etc, /lib, /logs, /tmp, /usr, and /var directories in there? If you did destroy required system files, you will need to contact us to restore them.

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Comment of Anonymous:
This can also happen if your homedirectory is not mounted on one of the webservers.

If you think this is what is happening to you, you'll need to copy the entire Sbox error message (including the server hostname at the end of the error) and report it to the support department.
Added at: 2003-05-06 01:32

Comment of Anonymous:
if you have 2 VirtualDocumentRoot settings on the same IP, this could happen.
Added at: 2003-06-04 18:02

Comment of Anonymous:
You may have destroyed your home directory through your FTP program (or shell prompt) by deleting /bin, /lib /dev/ or other essential environmental files
Added at: 2003-06-30 11:21