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Why do I get: Sbox error file is world writable?

Applies to: Grid System

This error means that the permissions on your script make the file "world writable". Sbox prevents world writable scripts from running as a security measure.

"World writable" means that the 9th file permission is a "w" (meaning "write"), like any of these examples:


To fix this, you can either use the permission changing feature of your FTP program or you can login to your shell to use the "chmod" command on the file.

If you use your FTP program to change the file permissions, just take away the last "w".

If you want to use the chmod command, login to your home directory using telnet or ssh, and then type:

chmod 644 htdocs/www/filename

where "htdocs/www/filename" is the path from your home directory to the file that is world writable.

More information on unix file permissions can be found here:
here, here, here or here.

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